Tuesday, June 21, 2016


As I sat preparing to write this review, I let JUST MOVE ON loop in the background. There is something about the mix of tracks on this newest release by Libby Koch (pronounced like the soda) that speaks to every part of me.

From the first first finger-snapping strains of JUST MOVE ON through the deep desire of WISH YOU WERE HERE, you follow Libby on a relationship journey that everyone can identify with at each stop along the way.

While Libby is native Texan, YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE carries the strongest resemblance to a traditional country and less of the Americana roots she is known for. You will also hear an unmistakable lilt in her vocals.  If ever there is a song that brings true 'country' back to country radio, YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE will do just that. If you want to be a part of putting 'country' back on the radio, request airplay at your local station.

OUT OF MY MISERY recaps putting a bad relationship in the past and the promise of moving forward while DON'T KNOW HOW is all about that first step of wading back into the dating pool, CHANCE ON ME is that point of decision... the fork in the road.

I'VE BEEN BLIND carries a bit more pop without losing track of where Libby wanted this album to traverse. She knows her audience.

Every relationship needs that moment where we just slow down and contemplate the whole sordid mess. TELL ME NO LIES is that perfect moment on the dance floor where you just let it all go.

Libby Koch reminds us of her Texas music in BRING YOU DOWN. That toe-tapping, tune you'll hear in every honky tonk for years to come and has 'hit' written all over it.  

LADY LUCK is that quiet, reflective song... the type that reaches deep into your soul.

BACK TO HOUSTON talks of leaving Tennessee... ironic considering this album was recorded in two days - in Nashville! Regardless, there is nothing like going back home... or Texas in general.
Where ever you call home, there is always that one person in our life we WISH YOU WERE HERE... bringing this album full circle.

JUST MOVE ON was eighteen months in the making, yet culminated to live-tracking thirteen original songs in two days - eleven of them coming together beautifully on this album. Produced by Grammy-winning producer, Bil Vorndick,

Everything about this album reminds me that country music isn't dead, but up until now, has been buried in the heart of Texas. As a former attorney, Libby Koch knows all about presenting her case and she has done a stellar job on this album.

Here's a video of YOU DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE from her YouTube channel:

Libby Koch is a true artist and I'm tipping my hat:


You can catch up with Libby Koch on various social media outlets, as well as track her tour schedule on her WEBSITE and here on The Party List.  


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