Tuesday, April 13, 2021

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Prince of Poverty

Good morning, country fans!

Here in KellysCountry I spotlight a lot of different artists. Some for the music, some for the writing artistry and a lot for both sides of the coin. 

Back in September I featured an artist who'd reached out to me - Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band.

Well, Kristian is back with a new album and working on another to release in the fall.

Ahhhh - the beauty of being and indie artist! You can do things on your timeline - not on what some office exec or editor thinks needs to be done. Not only that, but unlike the big execs and editors, you are your own client, where those folks are handling dozens (if not hundreds) of clients every day. That's a lot of balls to jungle.

That out of the way, let's give PRINCE OF POVERTY a listen.

He kicks the album off by jumping right into the pit of American Fire. While I like the album, I am not a fan of repetitive lyrics. That's just me personally and he uses the title words over and over, specifically towards the end where I think his talents could have been better spent.

You really get the harder soul in Don't Call Me Baby

Just Driving Around has a nice easy shuffle 'round the dancefloor I quite enjoyed. A good backroad sody cruise tune.

Now, if you want to talk soul, Soul to Soul has it to the core. I could easily sit back with my eyes closed and let this song just play in a loop. 

That Kind of Love takes us down a road with an amazing rhythm driving a foreboding undertone. If you aren't tapping toes on this tune, you need to wake up your soul.

They'll Remember My Name is the dark, hard type of track I can't get into, personally, but my ex would have loved it! LOL

Tired of Being Tired really sums up a lot. Those four simple words took a talented writer like Kristian Montgomery to turn them into a classic.

When's the last time you heard the phrase Warm Grave? This is a story type of tune I really get in to. The visuals that come to mind in this track are amazing. Let yourself go to the warm grave. 

The final track, Working Hands, is another great shuffle tune. Similar to Just Driving Around but with a bit more drive in the beat. 

While I like the album, I am not a fan of repetitive lyrics he showcases on a couple of the tracks. That's just me personally. I think his talents could have been better spent continuing to tell a story. That said, Kristian has a killer voice. As one person commented on dropbox.. the dude can sing! Overall, this is a great album for those who like the hard stuff. I'm just more of a wine girl. ;-)

If the hard edge, soulful Americana is your shot, then PRINCE OF POVERTY is the album you want on your playlist.

I am giving this album:


Here's a video from one of the tracks - Working Hands

You will find Kristian Montgomery on the following social media sites and can pick up your copy by going HERE

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