Due to continued issues with my arm, I will not be doing links in The PartyList. All promos will be done through Twitter.
Thank you for understanding. CountryBlessings!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Thank you all for your patience while my arm heals. I'm still having some stress issues. I will be resuming the blog in full force on Monday June 20th.

The Party List will resume on Thursday June 23rd. However, I will only be doing links on days that my arm will allow. Overuse of the mouse really stresses the tendons/ nerves so once the pain starts to move in, I stop.

We have some great reviews coming up:

Libby Koch,
Asleep at the Wheel (Out of the Chute, CD Review, Concert Coverage)
Loretta Lynn
Brian Gowan

Country Blessings!

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