Saturday, December 19, 2009

Want to be a Successful Writer?

Yes you heard me right. I'm talking writing today. After all, if the words were never put onto paper, how did we come about some of the great songs of our time?

Aside from being a talented musician and songwriter, W.C. Jameson ( is an award-winning author. With over sixty books to his credit and a vast amount of magazine articles and essays marking his career, W. C. knows what it takes to see your name on a book jacket or byline. And like most authors I've met, he's happy to share his tips and tricks with you.

In his book - Want to be a Successful Writer? Do This Stuff - ( W.C doesn't talk about grammar, punctuation, plotting, or any of the technical stuff. What he does talk about are the qualities every successful writer must have to make it in this business. Those same qualities apply to other aspects of your artistic life. Whether you are a musician, a painter or a paper artists, if you want to rise above 'hobby status', you need to adopt these basic characteristics.

If your goal is to be published or have a recording contract in the new year, I recommend you read this book. And when you're through, drop a comment here and let me know how it helps you live your dream.

Angel's Blessings!

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  1. Hi, Kelly!
    I absolutely DID real the book (which I bought at the conf in Oct.) and loved it. Getting really serious about writing--welcome to Medicare or not! LOL Decided one is never too old!
    Judy Nickles