Friday, February 18, 2011

The Anticipation Builds...

Wow! Parts of Texas have really been hit with unusual weather this winter. Thanks to Mother Nature, the release listing of Texas Music Award hopefuls has been delayed.

As I looked over the nominations list, I saw a lot of names I've not seen before. That means we have a lot of new talent emerging on the scene. That's not to say they'll be an overnight success story. You and I both know that doesn't happen. What it does tell us is this talented group of artists and musicians are finally seeing the payoff for years of hard work.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be introducing you to a few of them. Maybe even get a couple to drop by and say hi.

Something else you'll be seeing on this blog is more of me. I've not been as regular as I'd like to have been. But music - especially Texas Music - is in my heart. Whether the artist is true Texas flavor or a Texas native taking their music elsewhere, I want to showcase them here. My hope is to sometime in the next year or two, be able to report from the Texas Music Awards. I'd also love to take you 'live' to Fandango! Speaking of, that is coming up earlier this year than in the past and in a new location. I'll get you the details later in the week so you can make travel plans.

If you or someone you know should make an appearance in my Texas Star Spotlight, please leave a comment or email me at .

Country Blessings!
Kelly - The Country Angel

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