Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A New Year... A New Format

Between internet connections faulting at every turn last year and a couple of personal issues, this blog got away from me. I sincerely apologize. It is not what I want from this little Texas retreat in the south central Ozarks of Missouri.

What I do want is to showcase awesome talent out of Texas, spotlight classic country and keep you informed of what's going on. I've been dubbed the 'trusted on-line voice of Texas music' and feel I've let the hat slide. Picture me more as the Senator from Best Little WhoreHouse in Texas with his hat askew as he performs that song and dance number in the capitol building.

So let's put the cowboy hat on straight and get back to business.

First off...
The Texas Music Awards are a lot earlier this year. It's the 10th Annual Texas Music Awards and it's going to be outstanding! You can check out the nominees list HERE.

I'm glad to see Ryan Murphey up for Male Vocalist of the Year. He has done a lot of background stuff but has a great voice. Comes by it naturally, don't you know.

Pauline Reese is up for Female Vocalist this year. In the history of the awards, she's the only Female to win Entertainer of the Year (2010). She's nominated again this year as well as Album of the Year. I'm happy to see Bob Livingston and Michael Hearne up for Singer/ Songwriter of the Year.

Award of Distinction category this year has a well-known name in the field - Jeff Posey.

Entertainer of the Year is full of Top ranked talent, as always. But I have to ask... What do I have to do to see Mike Blakely take home that well-earned award? Oh yeah... VOTE!
And you can vote, too. Either by Public Ballot or as a Academy Member. The latter distinction has two categories... either entertainer or fan. Just go to this PAGE and click on the appropriate link.

Here's to another great year of some of the best music you'll hear anywhere!

Country Blessings

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