Monday, April 30, 2012

Tropical weekend!

Okay, maybe not so tropical in the Ozarks but any time you're at a Kelly McGuire concert, you can't help but hear the waves crashing, feel the sand between your toes and join the party.

Kelly keeps busy performing music while enjoying some of the most beautiful places on earth you'd ever want to visit. One of those is Belize.  On one trip to Belize, he caught the attention of Mark Roberts and Dean Hollis, founders of DiVentrues Swim and Scuba Diving School. They enjoyed Kelly's music so much, he's become a regular part of the DiVentures grand openings and anniversary events.

I caught up with Kelly at the grand opening of the DiVentures location in Springfield MO on Saturday. What a blast! The staff were great to work with, helping me to connect with Kelly, providing me with an interview area and making sure I had everything I needed. Special thank you to Mark Haggart, General Manager, for all of his assistance.

A couple of local musicians, David Wilson and George Horne, were happy to join Kelly, who is formerly from the Springfield area. They are part of local group, The Undergrass Boys

David Wilson
George Horne

Kelly with Finny the Shark
Closing out the night!

 I'll be sharing my interview (thanks Kelly!) in a couple of days. In the mean time, head on over to his website and check out the video of Ambergris Caye, from his Boat in Belize CD. You'll be making joining Kelly for his Birthday Bash in Belize. In case you need to make reservations, it takes place over the course of two weeks from January 28th - February 12th.

Country Blessings!


  1. Looks like you had a great time, Kelly :).

    What instrument is George Horne playing?


    1. I believe he's playing a base. Cool shape, don't you think. Not a great shot of Kelly's guitar, but if you look in the first picture you'll see the frame of the guitar as well as the center neck but the rest is all open.

  2. Kelly gets around and is loved! And we, here on this 'Third Coast', along the Galveston coast are blessed with his frequent up close and personal appearances with his many musician friends. Thanks Kelly - from everyone around this area.

    1. HI Jan! Thanks so much for stopping by. I love that Kelly keeps my link alive in his newsletter. I'll be doing an update on him soon. Maybe I'll catch up with you in Galveston next year! Until then, Country Blessings!