Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social Media Shout out to Artists and 95.9 TheRanch

Over the past few months I've found a sense of place on Twitter. I've had a general account for three or four years. @writergoddess is more of a collective place where I can hook up with a wide range of people, covering my varied (way too many according to my adoring husband) interests.

It wasn't until I decided I needed a separate account for the freelance business slanted towards the music industry that I set up one for @kellyscountry. I'm happy I made the move.

I've been making some great connections on Twitter. It can be a very valuable place to keep in touch with your fans and peers in a very short space of time. It is NOT the time-suck some people think it is. You have 140 characters/spaces to post a quick note and a tiny url link. Then you can move on with your day.

One of those 'quick tweets' came through my list this morning from Jared Darter @959theranch.  95.9TheRanch is 'the sound of Texas' out of Fort Worth TX. Jared is putting together a Social Media Campaign for the station. He wants Texas artists to get involved. From what I'm reading, it looks like a win-win situation for all parties.  Here's the details straight from Jared:

 I’m looking for Texas Artist to help me with a Social Media Campaign for the radio station.
We would like artist to ask their fans to join the Ranch Revolution.

This requires the artist to ask their social media fans to follow us on twitter and to become a fan of our Facebook page.
In doing this I will Tweet and Facebook a montage of submission videos from different artist to our Ranch fans.

In return, we ask you to share and like these videos in order to promote the station and yourself to your friends & fans.

Campaign Name: Ranch Revolution

What I’m needing is one HQ Video no more than 30 seconds in length.
The video can be done with a HD Flip Cam, Video Camera, Digital SLR, etc…The specs at minimum for the video need to be at minimum 16:9 and 720p, HD, please NO standard definition.
Audio must be heard, clean, no buzzes, no hums.

Here’s what you need in the video:
-Cool location for video shoot.
-Include Fans.
-Include Ranch Gear such as: shirts, stickers, logos, etc.
-Audio should be clean, clear, no hums, buzzes and should be audible.
-Must mention Ranch Twitter (@959theranch)
-Must mention Ranch Facebook (
--Have fun with it and be creative.

You can email me your finished video by creating a free account at and uploading it.
It will allow you to email me the video. Please email it to .

Sample Script:

Hey (we are or this is) [ARTIST NAME] and I/we want you to join the Ranch Revolution, it only takes second…Just share or retweet this post by following  95.(point)9 The Ranch on Twitter and by friending them on Facebook, just search 95.(point)9 The Ranch and hit “Like”.  (promote artist Info) (wrap up video in 30 seconds.)

If you need any further info please fill free to email me with any questions.
Good luck and have fun.

Thank you,
Jared Darter
LKCM Radio Group
95.9 The Ranch

92.1 Hank FM

p. 817.332.0959 x31 f. 817.348.8373
c. 817.832.4073

If you take part in this, make sure you are following me: @kellyscountry  on twitter so I can give you a retweet.

Country Blessings

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