Tuesday, October 2, 2012


YOU PLAY MY HEART is the tenth album in a series of masterful creativity by John Arthur Martinez. Like any series, this compilation shows how his artistry has grown over time. The thirteen-track CD is full of pride, pasion and compassion.

The album opens up with a powerful story of love and devotion in You Don’t Mean To Hurt Me (with Pauline Reese) and carries the passion throughout the album. With the first notes in Cajita de Milangros you know jAm has reached back to his roots. From the haunting background of Emmylou’s Guitar to the story of strength in Dare To Dream Out Loud, jAm takes you on a tour of what’s inside of this quiet yet passionate man.

He’s added a touch of love and heartache in I Know How To Fall and Tennessee Left Texas and revisits a classic Merle Haggard tune in Sing Me Back Home. Any artist worth his salt knows you can’t go it alone in this business. The respect he’s garnered shines in the co-writing with Wake Eastman, Mike Blakely and Jan Landry (Apache Songs) to name just a few who've lent their talent to the lyrics. The amazing musicians and back vocals, all talented artists in their own right, are too numerous to mention. Grab a copy of the CD and you’ll see what I mean. And it’s all been pulled together for our listening pleasure with the help of Casey Hubble, Kurt Baumer, David Helms and Stefano Bertolotti.  This collection comes from his heart and he wants to touch yours.

This Country Angel gives the album 5 HATS

You can purchase your copy (and any of his other CDs)  by clicking HERE. It will soon be available at My Texas Music


  1. I do appreciate the kind words for the project that was quite the ride in creating and which does come from the heart and not just the hand. --jam

  2. I forgot to mention that it will soon be available at MyTexasMusic.com too. --jam

    1. Soon as it's up at MTM, I'll add the link and post a separate update.