Monday, November 4, 2013

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Off line and why

Hey all

Just spent a fun-packed weekend in Nashville with my granddaughters. I have ZILCH prepared for this week. But more importantly, NanoWriMo began on Friday and I'm already behind.

What's NanoWriMo you ask? Officially - National Novel Writing Month. Where thousands of us band together in support of one common goal - for each of us to write a new novel from scratch - totaling 50,000 words or more in 30 days.

The novella I wrote in 18 days last year is under contract with Boroughs Publishing Grp. Somewhere Down the Line is a music-based story about a journalist finding love with an entertainer she met twenty years ago. I love second chance at love kind of stories.

This year I'm sticking with what I know - the music business. Although Heart On The Line isn't about the music business, the hero is a country music entertainer - part of a trio called Current River. This time, the hero's granny leaves everything to him - on one condition. He must properly court and marry his childhood friend within one year. Oh yeah, the heroine is also road assistant for the group. Throw in an older brother who thinks everything should belong to him and an ex-wife claiming she's entitled to a percentage of everything he acquires and you have a novella full of changes to match any Ohio river current.

I hope to have a turntable for you tomorrow. So stay tuned!
Country Blessings!

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