Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Mighty Rider by Jeff Posey

By Jeff Posey

There’s something magical in this CD by Jeff Posey. I suggest you listen to Track 10 before going any further. The tune, Mighty Rider, has a background like very few I’ve heard. Stemming from an unlikely friendship many years ago, to the search for a dear friend only to come upon the 1939 recording of an amazing song brimming with rich history. Check out the home page for Jeff Posey for the complete story behind this incredible tune.

The rest of the album is a cowboy storyteller’s dream. While you don’t have to be a true cowboy to appreciate the words, they will carry you away to a simpler time with the gentle gait of a horse, the enchantment of a campfire and a strong cup of coffee. A respite from the daily hustle, bustle, chaos we seem to drown in on a daily basis.

When I review an album, I attempt to take them track by track, though that is not the order my Media Player suggests. Each song is a strong current of originality, flowing seamlessly from one to the other. From the first strum of his guitar on Miles of Mustangs to the last chord of Turn Out the Horses and every note in between you have a solid sense of who Jeff Posey is, both as a man and a songwriter.

I have a definitive set of cassettes that never leave my truck. The motor of my CD player has breathed its last but the cassette player still provides me with some of the best traveling music—mostly Texas artists. I wish I could find someone with quality equipment to transfer this cd to tape. Because I guarantee MIGHTY RIDER would become a traveling staple. But regardless of the format, if you are a fan of Cowboy/ Americana/ Texas music, this CD is a must for your listening pleasure.

You can purchase your copy from Jeff’s page at My Texas Music

And watch for Jeff playing a gig near you. Nothing beats hearing this man perform live.


Please visit Jeff at either of these two stomping grounds:
Website: Jeff Posey 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/jeff-posey/164053852201

Country Blessings!

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