Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Give It All I Got - Matthew Huff

On October 4, 2014  Give It All I Got won the award for Country Album of the Year and A Little Bit of Crown won Country Song of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Awards (IMEA for short) Matthew also brought home Country Entertainer of the Year! 

On one pass, Cigarette Burnin’, Give It All you Got, Kill A Little Time, Little Man, She’s Perfect For Me and Don’t Forget Your Yesterday offer up a strong visual and sets a traditional mood. Here We Go Again, It’s Alright, and the cover of an Usher tune – ‘U Got It Bad’ offer up a more contemporary sound. A Little Bit of Crown, Drunk Again and Ain’t No Rules Tonight form a bridge between the two worlds. And through every note there is a thread of blues, like an undertow in the river pulling you deeper into the heart and soul of Matthew Huff.

Matthew knows what he wants from his music, the feelings he wants to convey and what he hopes his audience will identify with. He brings this third CD to his listeners with a ‘GIVE IT ALL I GOT’ attitude.

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You can find Matthew at any of the following links, as well as purchase your download of the Award Winning - GIVE IT ALL I GOT :


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