Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Let 'er Buck - Jack Nelson Band

            Most of the reviews I post are a result of two routes. Either I approach the artist or their promotions manager contacts me. Twice since rebirthing Kelly’s Country in 2009, has an artist contacted me. The first got lost in the shuffle – a loss I sincerely regret. The other is the man I’m introducing you today via a review of his CD ‘Let ‘er Buck’.

            JackNelson offers up true honky tonk with a bit of rock and roll grit… just enough to get your attention without straying from the country music notes I love. I have listened to the first five of the eleven tracks and love every one. “Let ‘er Buck” kicks off the CD, drawing you to the dance floor before you know what hit you. I started out with the volume low but immediately reached to crank up the sound. “Made the Devil Proud" slows things down a bit while the chorus makes for the perfect audience involvement. “Texas Dance Halls” gives a nod to some of the best honky tonks in the state, places Jack and his brother (CameranNelson) cut their musical teeth on during their journey to individual careers. “Can You Hear Me Up There”, a tribute to his grandfather, is reminiscent of a Lee Brice tune that pulls at your heart. Before the memory can put you into a melancholy mood, “Honky Tonk Angel” puts you right back on the fun time track and sending you ‘round the dance floor in high spirits.

The construction of this CD is a smooth transition from one track to the next while riding a parallel to the career journey ahead for Jack Nelson and his band. Without hearing the other six tracks (we need to work on that, Jack LOL) I have to say "Let ‘er Buck" sets the tone for a solid career in this wacky business. 

I am giving this CD a solid....


Here's a sneak peek of Jack's talent:

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