Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Gary P. Nunn

FEELS LIKE TEXAS sets the tone for this honky tonk themed album. All thirteen tracks belong on a jukebox. That jukebox usually sat in the corner of a friendly neighborhood bar where the bartender got paid for listening more than the drinks he poured. JOE KNOWS is a throwback to that time when crying in your suds to the bartender was a common occurrence. Those small – town bars are few and far between but not forgotten.

Nothing beats a good Texas swing with a partner on the dance floor. ALL OVER ME is a Bob Wills style tune that keeps with the honky tonk theme and flows smooth as a boot scoot into I FEEL AT HOME IN A HONKY TONK.  

COWBOY BOOTS AND TELECASTERS is more of a cry for what is lost. The image of George Jetson on his skywalk getting nowhere comes to mind. What we crave is always just out of our reach while we trudge through the daily grind in hopes of affording that 'permanent vacation'.

DIDN’T WE HAVE US A BALL is a waltz for the ages.  Often times when I hear a song, my mind forms a video image of the song. This would be perfect as a video with sepia-toned shots of all his escapades mixed with black and white of grandpa and his grandson sitting in a rocker on the front porch… the young child rapt with attention at all the things his grandpa did as a youngster. This is a song to treasure for I fear those times will fade into black. IF I CAN’T GET OVER YOU slows us down in the perfect Texas waltz of sadness and strength.

No album would be complete without a little attitude and Gary does not pull any punches on MY WAY IS THE HIGHWAY. He gets his point across tactfully while not losing sight of the album concept.

DREAMER carries a bit of 1970s back sound lost on much of today’s so-called country music.. A fact Gary brings to the foreground like a large billboard in WHERE’S THE COUNTRY IN OUR COUNTRY MUSIC.  

Regardless of what we do, nothing seems to be enough for the other person in our life. The lament for those times and Gary’s ability to teach us is prevalent in COULDN’T DO NOTHIN’ RIGHT. On the next track, he flips the coin on ONE WAY OR ANOTHER  showing us that determination is everything. Bobby Flores’ mandolin prowess is showcased beautifully on this track.

In WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, Gary draws the line, begging a decision so that both parties may get on with their life with some direction.

While I've had the pleasure of getting to know Gary through emails over the past couple of years, I had not really listened to his music. I knew more about the man behind the music, than the actual songs. I found a fine blend in this album. Gary is Texas music and Texas music is Gary P. Nunn. 

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER is a ‘Mayberry’ album. Every track takes us back to a simpler time where good music and old fashioned values prevailed. As producer, Gary had his fingers on the pulse, insuring every cut cameacross exactly how he wanted them to, keeping the true spirit of Texas music alive for us to enjoy. 

I am tipping my hat: 


to an album any true Texan and anyone who appreciates Texas music should have in their collection. You can purchase your copy of this and other albums by Gary P. Nunn on his WEBSITE

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