Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I Come From Dirt is the second CD from Rumor Town. When I first listened to the CD, I heard a mix of Dwight Yoakman and David Ball. The guys of Rumor Town have a mesmerizing blend of true Texas Honkytonk and the Bakersfield sound. The tone of both albums is consistent, attesting to the core of what this four-man group represent.

In an episode of Larry's Country Diner, Vince Gill said 'the sound of the steel guitar is what he most identified with country music... that the instrument is most like the human voice'. If you've ever heard someone really coax a cry from a steel, you will understand what he meant.

Rumor Town is blessed with not one, but two accomplished steel players - Glenn Schankle (also on dobro) and Tommy Detamore. The Bakersfield/ Buck Owens style comes through in on the steel in He's Right Where I Belong.

From If You Think I'm Crazy Now through the final track, West Coast Change of Scenery, I was immersed in a sound that is pure country. You can bet, my next trip to Texas includes seeing these guys perform live.

Here's a sample from the I Come From Dirt album, courtesy of their YouTube Channel:

If you've been wondering what happened to country music, I have to say the genre is alive and well in New Braunfels, Texas thanks to Rumor Town. I'm tipping my hat ...


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