Wednesday, October 5, 2016

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - An Unprecedented Life in Country Music

From the moment I held this book in my hands I couldn't wait to begin reading. I've enjoyed Bill Anderson's musical talents since the mid 1960s - both his voice and others who recorded his songs.

WHISPERIN' BILL ANDERSON - An Unprecedented Life in Country Music chronicles almmost eighty years of his amazing journey. Eighty years!  His unique perspective of the pleasures and pitfalls on the road... both literally and figuratively... to becoming the beloved man still touring and performing today. After reading the book, I'm pretty sure if something has been dreamed up and executed in country music, Bill Anderson has at least whispered a part somewhere along the line.

The fact that Bill Anderson loves to write is not lost on those who've been a fan of his music and previous three books.  One of the many stories Whisperin' Bill shares that brought a smile -and a memory - was one some may find astonishing. The legendary Bill Anderson wrote a Country Disco song. Talk about crossing genre's! 

Here's the video from his YouTube page:

And you shouldn't wait any longer either to pick up your copy of  WHISPERIN' BILL ANDERSON - An Unprecedented Life In Country Music and come a long for the ride as he takes you from Commerce Georgia to Nashville, from a small town venue in your town to the stage of Carnegie Hall, from the radio to your favorite soap opera.  

I am giving his read:

You can catch up with Bill Anderson (if he stands still long enough) through the following social media channels:

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