Wednesday, March 1, 2017

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - Cheyenne Country

While researching everything I could find on Rex Allen and Rex Allen, Jr. I made friends with Rex, Jr's media rep, Jennifer Herron. She has also introduced me to Cheyanne TV out of Nashville as well as western artist, Rich Price. They co-host the show. 

Today, I thought I'd share Cheyenne TV with you. Next week I'm running a double play on Rich Price, beginning with an Out of the Chute interview on Monday and a Turntable Tuesday review of his new CD

Cheyenne TV has the grass roots base similar to Country Family Reunion. The show is a compilation dream of Western Music aficionado Harrison Tyner and the Southern Gospel passion of Bill Traylor. These two brought their loves together in a cohesive project that embodies the cowboy life... songs that tell stories and Faith. 

Cheyenne TV showcases great musical artists singing songs with a family oriented or spiritual core. Artists like Lee Brice (I Drive Your Truck), The Roys and Baxter Black.

"Though still based on Christian Faith, the show now offers Patriotic and Country Music with Inspirational Lyrics and Messages for the whole family."  ~ Cheyanne Country website

Check out the Cheyenne TV website for a list of stations carrying the program. Not available in your area, please call your local cable provider and ask them to do so. Let's all do our part to put quality television in our homes.

Country Blessings!

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