Thursday, April 4, 2019

THE PARTY LIST - April 4 - 10

Hey All!

Between sinus issues - gotta love 'spring' and paying gig stuff, I'm behind here this week. I could say I'll try to have it up late but personally, I'd just as soon take meds and clear the head.. ya know? Though today's weather feels more like a wet November!

The Party List will return next week in it's entirety. While I'm at it, I'll be scheduling May's posts as well.

We get the grandgirls for the summer and most of you know I don't work any more than necessary when they are here.... aka 'paying gigs come first'. My plan is to schedule April/ May all next week. Then in May I'll get June/ July and August up before the girls arrive the end of May.

So email me your dates! Let's pack the list full of good times, great music and tons of FUN

I also have a stack of CDs sitting here waiting my attention plus 3 cued up in my email. I'm working through them, I promise.

Safe Travels and Country Blessings!

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