Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kelly McGuire

This week we take a look at a music genre I'd never heard of before. But again, that's the beauty of what I do. I like to learn new things and Kelly McGuire has a fun sound to share. His music is categorized as Trop Rock. Okay. So why is this man nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the Texas Music Awards? Or better yet, why is a country blog talking about a Trop Rock performer?

As a writer, I've learned that regardless of what I write, I am influenced by all types of genres. I even find myself crossing into one of the sub-categories of romance from time to time. It doesn't mean I'm not a romance author. It says I am adaptable. Kelly McGuire is adaptable. Be it to what he loves to play, what his audience enjoys or a combination of the two, Kelly is playing good music.

The TMA blurb about Kelly McGuire compares him to Jimmy Buffet. Sitting here listening to 'Nautical Man' from his "Front Row Ticket" album , I'm hearing more of a 'cry-in-your-beer' tone with a lilt of Kenny Rogers' Lucille. Not the sound I anticipated when I read the term Trop Rock, but a good tune.

Whatever you call it, Kelly McGuire is nominated for being among the best in his field. He's here for good reason and I send him...

Country Blessings

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