Friday, May 14, 2010

A Final Nod

With the 2010 Texas Music Awards only hours away, I have to give a nod to 3 very talented people whose music I am very familiar with.

First off... A HUGE Good Luck to our friend and follower, Wade Bowen. Wade is up for Record of the Year with his album, Trouble.
Stop by Wade's website:

One of the nominees up against Wade for Record of the Year is John Arthur Martinez.
I've not had the opportunity to meet John, but he's on my list. He performs on a regular basis with my good friend Mike Blakely.

And last but not least on my list is Davin James.
Davin is true Texas western music. Although I don't own one of his CD's yet, I am treated to his talent every time I pop one of W.C. Jameson's cd's in the player.

To say the least, these guys all run in top notch circles of some of the best music you'll find in Texas... or anywhere in the world.

I send Country Blessings to ALL the nominees. They are in their respective categories for good reason. Every one of them has earned the right to take home the award.

Country Blessings

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