Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Returning from short hiatus

I didn't mean to run out on everyone. My apologies. I was experiencing some internet issues and a living room remodel. Didn't need either right now but both proved to be for the best in the end. The living room looks awesome and I have my own High Speed internet at home. No more making a 80 mile round trip and 7 hours away from home to get caught up.

Speaking of getting caught up, I'll be back in here tomorrow to do some updates. On Friday I am going to Mt. View Arkansas to see a friend of mine, Buddy Case (we've showcased his talents here) compete in the National Thumbpicking Competition. I haven't seen Buddy and his wife, Karen, in over a year so I'm looking forward to the reunion and hearing him play. I'll have news of the event, with pics, on Monday.

Until tomorrow...

Country Blessings!

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