Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weather Delay

Happy May everyone!

A lot of places across the midwest and southern states have been pounded with heavy rain and severe storms over the past couple of weeks. My little corner of south-central Missouri was no exception. Though we didn't get hit near as hard as a lot of places, it did rain almost continuously for seven days. Thunder and lightening were evident for what seemed 24/7... leaving 17" of rain in it's wake and me without a lot of internet time. No research, no writing, no email...

But the worst of the storms have passed (I hope) and I now have high speed internet at the house -no more boonies dial-up for this country angel! High speed all the time means I can better keep up with everything you guys are doing and report it a lot faster to my growing network of readers and (hopefully) your fans.

I have visitors coming in this week for an extended writers weekend. Then I'll be back to business - better than usual - beginning Monday morning.

In the mean time, check out your favorite artists over at MyTexasMusic and have a great long weekend! Oh, and don't forget... if you haven't made plans to attend Fandango yet, there's still time. All the information you need is in the previous post.

Country Blessings
The Country Angel

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