Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Place of Dreams...

I know I promised to showcase the Entertainer of the Year Nominees for this year, but today’s post focuses on something much more important. That is getting the venue ready for the event. With the 9th Annual Texas Music Awards event only ten days away there is so much left to do in having the building ready on time. Lucky and Jinelle Boyd, of the Academy of Texas Music, have been working round the clock between their “day” and their “job of passion”.

This past Friday and again on Sunday, the Academy of Texas Music held a Facebook-a-thon to raise money for much needed improvements (and I use that word very loosely). The building they’ve acquired, and hope to make a long-term home for Texas Music in general, finally got a flushing toilet. That should give you an idea of the shape of the building. Friends have been enduring the horrid, unseasonably hot temperatures in an attempt to have the building ‘passable’ for this year’s awards. You can follow THIS link to see photos of the building in progress. Donations are badly needed to make this our ‘Mother Church of Texas Music’ - otherwise known as the 'Texas Music World Headquarters'. Over the weekend, the acadamey raised just over $800 – a far cry from what is needed to have the air conditioning units in place… let alone everything else needed. Can you imagine attending the awards next weekend and having NO AC?

Thank you to the dozens of artists who gave CDs to be used as ‘thank you’ gifts for anyone who donated.

I donated, with pride, to the FB-a-thon on Sunday and will continue to do so every month until the building is finished in all it’s grandeur. Keep in mind, I only gave $40 and my monthly donation will be a far cry from that. But every bit will help. Whether you are a musician or a fan of great music, I hope you’ll help the academy on their journey. You can go HERE and click on the link below the photos where it says ‘Help the Building Fund’. It’s as simple as using your pay pal or credit card. And if you’re in the Linden area, I’m sure extra hands are always a welcome site. If you can do nothing more than drop off cold beverages or a subway platter to nourish the dedicated workers, your donation will be appreciated.

Country Blessings

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