Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to Linden Texas!

Linden Texas is home to the 9th Annual Texas Music Awards. Linden is the county seat of Cass County and one of the oldest towns on record in Northeast Texas. This small town of 2500 people has the reputation of producing fine music across the board from Blues to Country/ Western and everything in between. It seemed only right to bring the TMA's back to Linden. (They were showcased here their first year) Musical legends such as Scott Joplin, Aaron "T-Bone" Walker and Don Henley have called Linden home.

Other notables such as The Ward Bros. Stuntmen of Texas, whose members took part in many Hollywood westerns and Cynthia Helferstay Henderson, Actress/ playwrite who wrote episodes for shows we all watched such as Happy Days and Star Trek- The Next Generation grew up here.

Though the venue is smaller than in past years, TMA is going to make up for it in the talent available that one music-packed day. The event begins at Noon and ends with the after-party at Auntie Skinners Riverboat Club around 1 a.m.! It will cost you $30 to hit all three segments of the award show but music at Tin Star Steakhouse and the after-party are FREE!

If you're planning to go to the awards, make sure you check out the Tin Star Steakhouse link for discount coupons!

Monday, I'll be back to showcase the Entertainer of the Year line-up. You don't want to miss it!

Have a great weekend!
Country Blessings!

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