Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CMA Preview

Okay, some of you know this whole CMA thing is a big issue with me. Am I the only one under sixty that remembers when CMA truly stood for Country Music Association? And that what you heard on stage really WAS country music? I think Ralph Emery got the ball rolling when he hosted the show Pop Goes the Country. Because Pop and Rock are what they are passing off as country music. And it's why I listen and promote Texas/ Cowboy music.

I know, like everything else Nashville it's all about the dollar signs. Attracting a younger audience that can afford and will spend their money on CDs, concert tickets, concert memorabilia, yadda yadda yadda is all they look at. DOLLARS and CENTS.

I'm not saying some of these people can't sing. Some of them have great voices and I have my favorites because I like the song. I just don't appreciate them trying to sell it to me as COUNTRY.

Alan Jackson had a song out several years ago about Murder on Music Row. The chorus speaks volumes for the rape and murder that has taken place over the years:

For the steel guitars no longer cry
And you can't hear fiddles play
With drums and rock 'n' roll guitars
Mixed right up in your face
Why the Hag wouldn't have a chance
On today's radio
Since they committed murder
Down on music row

But tonight I'll be watching and tweeting during the 45th annual CMA's. I guess because I keep hoping I'll catch a glimpse of what Country Music used to be.

Country Blessings!

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