Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review Wednesday: GI Joe & Lillie Bonsall

Since setting up a twitter account for the Country Angel, I’ve been connecting with some really neat people. One of those is Joe Bonsall.  You might recognize the name as one of the members of The Oakridge Boys. Joe has crafted a beautiful story about his parents, Joe and Lillie Bonsall. Coming from backgrounds that could have made them very different people, his parents found a love for each other and their family most people only dream about. Today, I introduce you to G I Joe and Lillie.

First published in 2003, G I JOE & LILLIE: Remembering the Life of Love and Loyalty is now in it’s 8th printing.  That alone tells the quality of the story. Many of our Veterans can not talk about what they saw and experienced during WarTime. Joe Bonsall Sr was no exception. It was only because of the love and support of his family we get a glimpse of the heartache, pain and tragedy WWII dished out to the men – and women- who served our country in one way or another.  Not only does ‘Joey’ share those emotions with us, he also conveys the love for God, Country and Family that pulled his parents through. While giving us insight to the War, he also recounts a beautiful love story of what his parents experienced during their courtship, marriage and companionship through the years. This is the perfect book for guys and gals alike. I encourage you to pick up a copy (available in HB, PB and Kindle forms), find a comfortable chair and settle in for one of the most heartwarming books you’ll ever read.
Thanks, Joe, for sharing your parents’ story with us.

Country Blessings

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