Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review Wednesday - TEXAS TONIGHT

TEXAS TONIGHT carries 14 tracks of some of the most soulful music I’ve heard from W.C. Jameson. Reminiscent of his Songs from the Long and Winding Road, Raised by the River opens with a bit of honky tonk flair and a fine picking bridge. From there, the tone of the album slides into a gradual change. I Can’t Ride the Trains Anymore carries a yearning for times lost. As I listened, I heard strains of his other albums, but different. Through the ebb and flow of the tracks, W.C. has stayed true to who he is as a musician and a poet. He brings everything full-circle with Fare Thee Well.

Texas Tonight is a compilation of not only great music but a talented team who helped bring his vision to fruition. From the co-writing with his wife Laurie to the production team of Pat Keating and the ever-talented ear of Casey Hubble. The recording took place at the beautiful Little "d" Art Ranch, owned by Pat Keating.

One thing you can always count on with W.C. Jameson's music… consistency. That doesn’t mean the songs are all alike. It does mean you won’t be hit with any disappointing surprises. If you like one W.C. album, you’ll want them all, no questions asked.

I give this CD 5 Hats. (still working on that graphic thing)

If you’ve enjoyed W.C. Jameson’s other albums, this one is a must have. If you’re new to his music, Texas Tonight is a great introduction to what I bet will be the first of many you’ll add to your player.

TEXAS TONIGHT may be ordered directly:
W.C Jameson
P.O. Box 989, Llano, TX 78643

$15 post paid

For the rest of his library, check out his page at MyTexasMusic

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