Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Review - Treasure Hunter

For over five decades, I have been a professional treasure hunter. During dozens of quests to locate lost mines and buried treasures, I've faced death and injury, broken national and international laws, neglected my family, and occasionally found fortune.  ~ W.C. Jameson

Have you ever dreamed of searching for treasure? Of seeing the beam of your carbide headlamp flash on stacks of gold and silver ingots left behind in the face of death? Of crawling through arachnid-infested caves or wondered what hundreds of rattle snakes coiled together looked like? Some people are meant to only dream... and some, like W.C. Jameson, are meant to act.

Through the pages of Treasure Hunter: Caches, Curses and Deadly Confessions, W.C. Jameson takes you on several of his adventures over the past fifty years. Together with his trusted companions James Poet, Mungo Slade and Dr. Trenton Stanley, Jameson has researched and explored hidden caches in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Sometimes they found a few treasures, while other times, it was just enough to come away with their lives. The search was never about fame and fortune for Jameson and his friends. It was about the quest. 

The best part about this book is the ability for anyone to experience the quest right along them. W.C. Jameson has the uncanny ability to make you feel the spiders he encountered in a Kentucky sinkhole, to hear the buzz of hundreds of rattlesnakes guarding Spanish gold and find peace and  reverence in placing ancient bodies in their final resting place. 

Some claim this book is a cleverly-crafted work of fiction. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. What I do believe is through the pages of this book, W.C. Jameson has taken me along on expeditions I could only dream of seeing first-hand. While there are areas you wouldn't catch me anywhere near in real life, I've enjoyed every detail of our expeditions together within the pages of Treasure Hunter: Caches, Curses and Deadly Confessions.

Thank you, W.C., for taking us along.

I give this book 5 HATS (sorry for no actual hat. Having a Jpeg glitch)

NOTE: As of this review, W.C. Jameson is looking forward to his next expedition. Safe travels, my friend.

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