Monday, November 12, 2012


I grew up listening to the Osmonds. I am not surprised to find Nathan Osmond as talented as his father (Alan), Aunt Marie and uncles. Like his family members, his words and music comes from the heart.

I first learned about Nathan from James at Williams Productions and Promotions and began following him on Twitter. I know James only works with people he believes in. In that respect, Nathan and James are the perfect match.

So when I got a tweet from Nathan Friday regarding the video I have to share with you today, I had to check it out… two links actually.  The first link is the ‘behind the story’ video about how the song and video for Stars and Stripes came about. I won’t give it all away, but you are taken on an emotional walk about the LOVE for God and Country which has encircled his life.

Please, take a few minutes to watch the Behind the Stars and Stripes. Then watch Stars and Stripes and click LIKE.  You may leave a comment on the YouTube page or go over to Nathan’s FB page and leave one there.

The other thing I ask you to do is reach out today… and everyday...  to the Veterans, their families and everyone who supports their efforts to ensure our freedom.

Country Blessings