Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BACK TO YOU by Dimitri's Rail

Today, I'm doing a belated review of a great album. I hate when life jumps on a fast track and forgets to make a boarding call. That pretty much explains my life the past few weeks. And I apologize to Paul, Justin, Eric and Mike for not doing this sooner. They earned and deserved better from me. So here we go.

Before we get into the review, here's the YouTube of the title track.

BACK TO YOU by Dimitri's Rail

This CD contains eleven tracks that will blow you away. I'm not a rocker by any stretch of the imagination but I find myself listening to Back To You with a new perspective and not at all what I expected from Dimitri's Rail. The album is refreshing with an undercurrent of frustration. As a guy, you'll get the licks and the intensity of the lyrics. As a woman, a part of you will want to make everything all better. As a whole, you want to keep listening.

From the opening strains of Back To You to the final note in Home, you are carried on a journey of love, heartache and all the bumps in between with haunting overtones. Each track pulls you into a not-so-imaginary world offering up strength and determination to keep going, no matter what tries to smack you down. Whether it be a broken heart or just life in general. You have to take a breath, evaluate and then move forward. My two favorite tracks are Just Breathe and Through the Window.

You can order your copy direct from the Dimitri's Rail STORE

So.. have you ordered your copy yet?
Country Blessings!

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