Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Our Spotlight artist and Male Vocalist nominee for his vocals on Burned At the Crossroads today is Mark Allan Atwood. Mark comes to the Texas Music Awards category with a solid understanding of what it means to be a great songwriter and performer. With his dad's love of traditional country, his mom's vocal abilities from the 50's/ 60's and picking up his own choices in music genre's along the way, Mark is like a giant snowball rolling down the mountain. Like most musicians, everything he has come in contact with along his life's journey has influenced the sound he delivers in the now.

His current album, Burned At the Crossroads, showcases a classic Arlo Guthrie style voice beautifully in songs such as Strong Enough and She's Good. 

This is not Mark's first time on the TMAs. He was awarded the Rising Star in 2010 and the My Texan Award in 2012.

Good Luck & Country Blessings!

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