Monday, February 18, 2013

MINDY MCCREADY - Finally at Peace

It is always sad when we see such great talent leave us too soon. Today, the music headlines are all about the apparent suicide of Mindy McCready. Her death is the beginning of the final chapter of her life. A life riddled with rise and fall of success, health issues, problems with alcohol and prescription drugs. I think the final straw was the death of her boyfriend, David Wilson, in January of this year.

If you're not familiar with her music, she recorded hits such as Ten Thousand Angels and Guys Do It All The Time.

Success is not everything. Too often people get into the business thinking it is what will make them happy. A few find happiness and can handle the trials and tribulations that come with the process. But we've also heard too many stories of those who could not handle the pressures of this business.

My heart, prayers and Country Blessings go out to Mindy McCready's family and friends. While Mindy and David are together again, two young boys are left without a mom. So very sad.

May you finally have found peace, Mindy. Country Blessings

Here's a link to a YouTube video... supposedly the last song David produced before his own suicide.

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