Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - ALIVE & WELL - Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone

The 1960's are timeless... and Alive and Well in this newest (fourth album) release from Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone. Twelve tracks of incredible artistry showcase Atwood and his com-padre's (otherwise known as Brimstone) consisting of Matt Nunn (bass/ vocals), Rich Tulp (drums), Jason Nunnenkamp (lead guitar/ vocals) and Mitch Connell keys/ vocals) at their finest.

Alive and Well manages to showcase a variety of sounds and techniques while carrying contradictory common threads of simplicity and passion. In one breath you can close your eyes and think you are lost in the emotion-tugging voice of Bob Dylan to a lighter Arlo Guthrie style. Then you are jerked to reality by the heart-pounding notes in Vulture Tree. Every note on this CD is pure and from the heart. Except for Loser (co-written with Heath Childs), One Horse (Heath Childs & J.J. Guidry), Crazy About Me (Mike Ethan Messick) the remaining nine tracks were written by Mark Allan Atwood. Bart Crow appears on One Horse. Track 8 caught me by surprise. The opening licks set me up to sing along with Bad Moon Rising but I'm Trouble is a more contemporary view.

Whether you are searching for the perfect party tune or want to sit alone and contemplate life, you will find the perfect track. Yes, the sixties are Alive and Well.

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