Monday, May 19, 2014

OUT OF THE CHUTE - The Scott Taylor Band

One of the many highlights of my trip to Texas earlier this month was meeting today’s Out of the Chute guest, Scott Taylor. Scott is the founding member of lead singer for the classic country group from Victoria Texas – The Scott Taylor Band.
Let’s open the chute!

1. Your cover of the classic Willie Nelson tune, Funny How Time Slips Away, won Cover of the Year at the Texas Music Awards. You recorded this song with your dad, Mike. How did you choose this song?
I had been going through song lists for awhile for the Beautiful Sin album. While driving home from work one night ‘Funny How Time Slips Away’ came on the radio and I knew instantly that was the cover I wanted to do… and I had to do it with my dad.

2. A lot of artists won’t cover tunes by other artists. They are not a ‘cover’ band. While other artists include at least one on every album they produce. Are you afraid of being dubbed a ‘cover band’?
Not at all! We will continue to do covers. Those are what people come to hear. Those tunes are the foundation of this business. Doing them is a tribute to the artists I admire.

3. Are you a Texas artist or a Texas artist with an eye on Nashville?
I am a Texas artist. I’ve heard enough of the horror stories of how those folks want to mold you to suit what they think you should be. I am country and will always be country. I want to do this my way. The fans who started with me are the core of what we do. To change that might gain me one fan here and there but I risk losing that core. It isn’t worth it. The band bears my name for a reason – The Scott Taylor Band – and those fans deserve nothing less.

4. How did The Scott Taylor Band come to be?
A bunch of us experienced a lay off from our job. A buddy and I were pickin’ one night and I thought ‘hey, we could get a band together – at least make beer money.’ So we got a small group together and were pickin’ at a local little spot and I FELT the time was right. So I started hand-selecting others on the lay-off train and it’s worked out great!

5. Beautiful Sin is a great album. What can we expect next?
I would like to release a new single but the cash flow isn’t there right now. For now we just keep doing what we love – entertaining our fans.

6. You work hard, you’re a husband and a father. What do you do to relax? 
Right now the gigs are mostly weekends, so it’s not a tough task. But I love to golf.

7. What do you want folks to know about The Scott Taylor Band?
We are country. We will always be a country band performing great songs that paved the way for the rest of us.

A note from Kelly:

I have to admit I do not have an 8th question from Scott. Our interview became more of a visit between two people with a common viewpoint with the potential for a working relationship. A couple of questions overlapped into one solid answer – thus putting me a question short.  Although this should have been an 8 question ride, having only 7 by no means made the ride lacking.

What I can tell you, is here is a young man with a classic soul. He knows who he wants to be, the music he wants to be known for and the people he believes understand the concept behind The Scott Taylor Band.

Make the time to go hear this group. If you like classic country with a bit of  the occasional ‘rock’ classic thrown in, you will be a fan in a drum beat.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a review of Beautiful Sin. Then on Wednesday, get up close and personal with their show in my Concert Review! I hope you'll come on back!

Country Blessings!

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