Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - If Stars Could Sing - john Arthur martinez

Whenever I listen to a CD for review, one of the first things I look for is a theme; something that ties each song together in some way. The tempo may flow like a stream over hills and through valleys but the nuance of what the artist wants to convey is always there. And then there is the way john Arthur martinez does things. While the theme may not be obvious, I promise you the tie that binds is there. jAm brings something to the table for everyone. Regardless of whether you like a little Americana, peppered with a bit of Tex-Mex or more the classic rocker, john Arthur martinez serves up something for everyone. IF STARS COULD SING offers a full buffet.

From ‘Let’s All Go to Mexico’ (which he credits the late Kent Finlay for helping him write) to Ink Is Always Blue and everything in between, each track keeps you wondering what comes next – and you will not be disappointed. If you are a romantic at heart, you’ll love 'When the Heart Takes Control', 'Cardigan Sweater' (co-written with Mike Blakely) or the classic Mike Blakely tune, 'Kiss and Make Up for Lost Time' (from Mike’s ‘In the Dust’ CD). But it is the title track that will tug at your heart strings…. the words and melody paired to evoke an emotion u are not even aware of until you feel the punch.

'Jivin’ Gear Jammer' and 'Karma' have a bit of 1950’s ‘hand jive’ kind of vibe that just makes you want to dance. But for classic rockers, you will be mesmerized by the uncut version of 'Hotel California' and the amazing talent of Kurt Baumer on fiddle. The lead-in brings a reverence to this Eagles classic. In a smart twist, aside from the full track, jAm also provides a radio cut – opening up the possibilities for a new generation to grasp what Don Henley envisioned what seems like a lifetime ago.

jAm's musical influences are apparent throughout the album both in covers such as 'Down on the Corner' and 'Too Old To Die Young' as well as 'Longnecks and Heartaches' and 'Little Nashville', which he wrote.

IF STARS COULD SING is the track mix you would put together of all your favorites professionally mastered in not one but four different studios, providing special treatment each track warrants. If you like variety in your music, you will love IF STARS COULD SING.

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