Wednesday, August 12, 2015

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - Lost Treasures of Arkansas's Waterways - W. C. Jameson

LOST TREASURES OF ARKANSAS'S WATERWAYS is another installment in the lost treasure books by W. C. Jameson. You can see a list of his books HERE.  Over the years I have read many of them. Every time I have settled in for the evening with one, I've found myself transported to another time and place - a place where life was yours for the taking if you knew where to look. I've traveled from coast to coast throughout history via Mr. Jameson's books. Each journey left a nagging desire to find the treasures that have eluded others grasp. This latest link in the series brought me closer to home and the desire to find that raw silver of Moccasin Creek Valley or the gold suspected to be buried along the White River. 

As a treasure hunter himself, W. C. Jameson's mission is all about the quest. He meshes history and legend together. He has spent countless hours reading through microfilm, documentation and published sources to insure the information he provides is correct. But I think his greatest hunt in the research process is when he can sit and talk with people who have heard the stories from previous generations of their own families... people who were there. 
LOST TREASURES OF ARKANSAS'S WATERWAYS is more than a compilation of stories. Like all of his books previous, this one is a collection of stories about history and adventure and dreams. 


You can order your copy direct from Plum Street Publishers
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