Thursday, August 6, 2015


Blame it on the heat or whatever.. I just have not been feeling well the past couple of weeks. Back to back travel last week really zapped my energy so I am taking this week off from The Party List. I just do not have the stamina for an 8 hour blog post followed by 3 hours of promos.

Bob is into his final week home before he goes back out on the boat. Most of you know that he is the #1 priority in my life and when he's home I slack on the work front to spend time with him. Time is precious. We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this month - separately as he will be on the river and I will be home. 

The unexpected death of Wade Stockton (The Scott Taylor Band fiddleplayer) two weeks ago, followed by the passing of multiple talents from Nashville in the past week bring that 'time is precious' thing into focus. 

So I will spend these few days with Bob, try to recoup my energy and be back next week with CD reviews from AJ Guel and Mark Chapman Band as well as a new book review by Texas author W. C. Jameson.

Country Blessing!

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