Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I'm always a bit nervous about checking out music of artists I am not familiar with. I don't know how they'll handle a review, particularly if I'm not crazy about what I hear.

Thankfully, that was NOT the case with REAL NO ONE by AJ GuelThe album is a no holds barred, 'this is who I am' type of guy.

I consider this album to be an introduction of who AJ is and what we can expect down the line. Aside from the title track, Texan By the Grace of God plants his boots on solid ground. From there, he leads us through a series of true country love songs. Run Away Tonight (with Rachel Delgado), Before That Cowboy Fell In Love, and Time Machine shine a rosy glow on love while Dreamin', Jaded and Quicksand flip the coinWhile still a love song at it's core, Make Me Wanna Dance is less about soft romance and more about getting the the most reluctant dancer on the floor with the a pretty girl.

AJ's songwriting style is a mix of George StraitChris LeDoux and Willie Nelson. Now there's a recipe for a future if ever there was one. I did detect a couple of flat spots but over-all this is a great roots album. I'm tipping my hat:


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