Monday, November 23, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW - Keep On Bein' Me - Josh Fuller

KEEP ON BEIN' ME, the latest album from Josh Fuller is a well-balanced blend of where he comes from and what he knows will get air-play.

While air-play always has to be a major part of the equation in this industry, there is always that fine line an artist walks between getting the air-play without losing who they are as an artist. Sometimes, they have to go with the flow to get the 'real' stuff - the music that defines them - heard. Josh Fuller walks this tight rope with all the expertise of a seasoned artist.

HITCHED and SMALL TOWN FRIDAY  are perfect examples, sharing strong country roots with a vibe that will get the airplay needed to move this album forward. Another example is ON THE RADIOreaching Top 30 on Texas Regional Radio Report (#30) and Top 50 on Texas Music Chart (#41)

Of the thirteen tracks on this album, three songs stand out for me. "Music is a powerful mood altering drug; the right song at the right time connects with your soul,” states Fuller. JUST HERE and 14 PEWS are two emotionally- charged songs that accomplish what Josh was after. With it's finger-poppin', blues back beat, YOU THINK TO MUCH is a song that just has you boppin' along.

And if Farmers ever need a second theme song, FARMHANDS gets the point across.

If you like Dierks Bentley with a bit more country flavor, then you will love KEEP ON BEIN' ME.

Here's a sample of what you'll find on KEEP ON BEIN' ME:

I'm giving KEEP ON BEIN' ME:

. 5

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