Monday, November 16, 2015

LOVE AND BLOOD - Jean Synodinos

Born from first-hand experience with her husband, Charles Rieser, JeanSynodinosLOVE AND BLOOD. For the full story visit, HERE and click on the SoundCloud player About Addiction on the right hand side of her page. The commentary is an eye-opening piece about what we think we know about addiction and recovery.
hits straight to the core with her latest album,

Unlike previous reviews, I am not going to break this album down track by track. Instead, I want you to go to and hear them for yourself. Jean has opened this album up as a Free Download via Dropbox. Experience the tracks for your self. Then, click the DONATE button and join us in filling the Karmic Tip Jar . 10% of all donations will go to the SIMS FOUNDATION, which provides low-cost and free mental health/ substance abuse services and resources to Austin musicians.

I do want to direct you to Jean's FB page and the following link. This video for one of the songs from Love and Blood is beyond beautiful.

Love and Blood is an old school meets technology style album. The style of each track is classic while the sound has become timeless.

Country Blessings

About Jean Synodinos:
Jean Synodinos (say it like this: sin-uh-DEE-nus) delivers grit, grace and acoustic soul with a voice that's been hailed by critics as “big league” and "show-stopping." Her award-winning writing digs deep, moving from big affirmations to little ironies at the turn of a phrase.  Deftly skating between genres, Jean easily slips from folk to pop to jazz to blues and more to create dynamic live performances and recordings that make audiences ask for more.

For more on Jean Synodinos, check out the following links and lend your support.


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