Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I know I'm not suppose to be here for another month but when two amazing CDs show up in your mail box right after Christmas, some things just can't wait.

By Jeff Posey

I first introduced you to Jeff  'Wildhorse' Posey back in 2014. You can read that Out of the Chute post HERE.

Jeff Posey lives and breathes the Cowboy/ Americana way of life, honing his ability to craft a song anyone will enjoy. As I listened to REDEMPTION, I had this overwhelming sense to want to be sitting at a campfire with a cup of hot coffee, the stars twinkling like diamonds against the velvet sky overhead as Jeff strummed his guitar and shared his life through music.  Jeff takes you on a journey away from the everyday while introducing you to everyday people, places and events. 

On track 2, Jeff talks about the Lady of the Llano with her bottle tree. Along with bottle trees, this one with gazing balls graces a yard in Llano Texas. While I do not know if it's the same one that inspired the song, I was reminded of this artsy community and this picture I took on a past trip to Llano. 

Jeff introduces us to people like Maria in Boxcars of Reynosa and projects like the Wildhorse Redemption, an organization in Colorado that pairs wild horses with soon-to-be-released inmates. Jeff doesn't write songs... he tells stories.

Here's a preview of the title track:

I've only touched on a couple of the fourteen tracks that make this an amazing new piece of Americana music. As in the past, Jeff brought some of the best in the genre to help him bring his stories to life. Walt Wilkins, Larry Nye, Mike Blakely, Kurt Baumer, Lloyd Maines, BB Morse, Gary P. Nunn, John M. Greenberg, Ray Rodriguez,  Bill Small all add instrumental talents. Mike Blakely and Tina Wilkins provide harmony vocals. Larry Nye and Walt Wilkins also produced the album.

If there is a theme to REDEMPTION, it is the magic in the story. Help yourself to a cup of coffee, settle back and be inspired to slow down and have Faith in the Shadow within to share your own story in some way. 

I'm giving REDEMPTION a high: 

You can catch up with Jeff Posey through his:

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