Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Released in January of 2015 by Ed Harris, CELTICOPHILIA is a compilation of thirteen well-paired tracks that will take you back to a time that may not even have been a part of your heritage yet you'll feel as if you've come home. If you listen close you'll hear the fingerlings of everything available today, yet with a deeper sense of the way  music was meant to be played.

You will tap toes inside of handcrafted, soft leather shoes you didn't know you owned to tunes such as Bonaparte's Retreat, Hommage a Edmond Parizeau, The Reel of Mullinavat (free download from album link above), Music for a Found Harmonium Sean's Jig or Roy Ashby's - Buckney Burn.

As the evening winds down, the tempo changes to a more soulful, almost haunting range with Eirigh Suas A Storin, The Carraroe or Lament of Dearhair (A Brother's Lament) ( a tribute to his late brother). While Teh Carraroe has a slightly more moving tempo, you can hear a haunting undertone that draws you in. 

Overall, every album Ed Harris puts out is worth adding to your library. I'm tipping my cap:

Ed told us yesterday that Shenandoah has been one of his favorite tunes since he was a little boy. Here's his YouTube video:

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