Monday, January 28, 2019


Good morning, folks!

Wow, I've been absent a lot. I normally take time off over the holidays but I wasn't counting on Bob being home for almost two months! While I loved having him home, I accomplished very little.

I have new music to share in the coming weeks. I just need a bit of time to get things lined up as well as Q & A out and back from artists.

The Party List returns Thursday, February 7th.  Most everyone should be back from Steamboat as well as the Country Radio Seminar. They'll be pumped and ready to hit the stage with new shows.

While I find my desk over here and get information lined up, check out a video from The Baker Family Bluegrass.  This group is local for me. I've watched these kids grow up and come into their own as a very talented group as well as individual accomplishments.

During the 36th Midwest Convention of the Society of the Preservation of Bluegrass, Carina Baker walked away with Female Vocalist as well as Mandolin Player of the Year. I think we have a new 'Queen of Bluegrass' on the horizon.  The oldest of the siblings, Trustin, was awarded Fiddle Player of the Year.  Check out the video below then check out their tour schedule. Hearing them in person is truly an uplifting experience.

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