Tuesday, September 17, 2019


THE HARD STUFF is an apt title for this seventh solo release from Susan Gibson (her first full-length since 2011).  This album consists of a well-crafted string of life stories. The ups, the down, the in-betweens. The life questions often bouncing around in our head but not always vocalized. But this isn’t just about the stories but the difficulty in crafting a really great song… or several. If you want to learn how, Susan offers songwriting coaching sessions on her website.

In the meantime…

For a story to be good, you not only need words, but you need something that brings the story to life.


Susan Gibson is a gifted storyteller. She not only tells us what she wants us to know but her description pulls us into the world she is creating. The best part… she does this all without a video. I challenge you to close your eyes and just listen to Lookin’ For A Fight, 2 Fake ID’s or any other track on this album. The story will begin playing like a movie behind your eyelids. Her lyrics are the only video you need.

As I listened to this album I was captured by the various things that came to my mind… not only the story she wanted to convey but the pictures she drew. Being able to not only hear but to truly SEE what an artist what the artist sees is where the magic happens.

Let’s tip the hat…..


…then enjoy the gallery showing from THE HARD STUFF.

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THE HARD STUFF releases October 4, 2019.
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