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TALK TO A HUMAN is an embodiment of Terri Hendrix. While the tunes may carry a party atmosphere, there is an undercurrent message flowing like a trickle through a creek bed… a message with which most of us can identify.

Talk To A Human, with its slam poetry style, kicks off the line-up like a match strike to a fuse. You can hear the sizzle as you move into Mia Madre and the tribulations of coming into womanhood. The tempo carries a celebratory note before gliding into the slower pace of life through Choices, Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key and Don’t Meddle in My Mood (Billy Bragg/ Woody Guthrie cover).

Life is full of highs and lows, and like the rest of us, Terri has experienced them. From health issues to the loss of her sister, Terri keeps pushing through. Dogging Me carries that same persistence in both the toe-tapping beat and harmonica.

Part of what makes Terri Hendrix’ style so unique is her ability to tie a series of albums together in one project… like Russian nesting dolls. Each builds on the one previous. WASP ties back to (Who Is Ann?) from Project 5.4 as well as (Texas Star) from Love You Strong from Project 5.1

Worthy is not only expressed through the lyrics but in the many friends who came together to make Talk To A Human possible. Lloyd Maines, with whom she’s been playing music with so long their names are almost synonymous one with the other, co-produces the album as well as shares his award-winning talent on guitar, dobro, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, papoose, bass and ukulele. Glenn Fukanaga (bass), Pat Manske (drums, percussion, keypads), John Silva (drums, percussion), Riley Osbourn (keyboards), Drew Womack (harmonies) and Jeanne Ply (fiddle) come together in a harmonious celebration of life.

You’ll find one of the most vivid compositions on this album in The Dark (Guy Clark).  While this is a cover, it’s Terri’s rendition that brings the imagery to life. I could see the campfire flames licking towards a black velvet sky as well as feel as if I were sitting somewhere high, looking out over the lights of Ft. Worth – It’s so dark you can see Ft. Worth from here. Each word illuminates the things we can only see in The Dark, as well as often miss.

Her mastery of storytelling shines like a candle flame, but most of all in The Water is Wide while I Hear Your Song could almost be autobiographical.

I can see the musical influences Terri spoke of in our interview (See Yesterday’s post). I also heard notes of Judy Collins but more than anything I hear her ability to take those influences into her soul and make them a part of her passion for inclusiveness as well as diversity and life.  

I mentioned, The Texas Strong earlier. Here's the video:

The depth of Terri Hendrix’s abilities shine like a beacon from her soul, illuminated in each track on Talk To A Human. The album releases September 6, 2019

 I’m tipping my hat:

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