Tuesday, October 8, 2019

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - Old Ghosts & Lost Causes

As I sat listening to Old Ghosts & Lost Causes, by  Helene Cronin, I am captured by the depth of the stories told in a beautiful simplistic style. While she has definitely evolved from the shy young girl playing a ‘guitar really loud while singing really soft’ a lifetime ago, a part of that first performance still remains in the shadows. She’s watching, learning, yearning to burst forth for her chance.

Helene Cronin’s time has come.

While this is not a virgin project, (she has two EPs in her resume), this may be the one that really showcases who she is and what she is capable of. At the core, Helene is a songwriter – a damned good one. As Terri Hendrix summarized, ‘Helene Cronin can flat out spin a lyric.’ Zane Williams calls here a ‘master of words who writes and sings straight from the heart.’ There are a lot of folks who claim to be songwriters. Some are awesome at their craft, while others can write lyrics but lack  a soul.

Helene Cronin has both (and then some), melding lyrics and heart into something magical.

Every track on Old Ghosts & Lost Causes tells a story… each a mini-motion picture in black and white. As you listen, you not only ‘see’ the story play out but you feel the emotion plugged in to each one.

Old Ghosts & Lost Causes releases October 11th (this Friday!) You will want to grab a copy. Maybe even do a little early Christmas shopping for someone you know appreciates a great mix of Americana, Folk and Blues. Until then, I’ll leave you with one of the tracks from the album, performed at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas, TX last fall.

This is a great album. I look forward to hearing more from her. 

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