Monday, March 9, 2020

GUESTS ARE COMING! & Important Note!

Hi everyone!

I've been in seriious dig-out mode of my office/ studio. Thought I'd be on the home stretch by now. Sadly, I managed to flood the basement last night so I've a set back to accomplish much else before my sister arrives on Wednesday for a 5-day visit.

If I'm lucky, I can get a couple of posts up before Bob gets home (2 days after my sister leaves)  Yep.. when it rains it pours!

thankfully the Party Lists are posted and ready to roll.

On that note, I'll be adding a new Disclaimer to The Party List
Please check artist website to make sure dates/ locations haven't changed. I schedule the posts a month in advance. Sometimes, like with john Arthur martinez gig last Friday, locations change! Follow them on social media as well to catch changes!

Now, to attack the basement floor with the shop vac!

Country Blessings!

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