Tuesday, March 31, 2020

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - One Nation Under God

ONE NATION UNDER GOD is the newest release from artist, Tim Malchak.

One of the things I love about this album is that, in spite of thirty years having gone by, Tim's vocal style has not changed. Whether he's singing Colorado Moon or The Cross, there's a consistency not lost over time.

The title track sends a clear message we all need to be hear in this troubling time. From there each of the following tracks shines a light on various challenges and where to find the answers in life's questions.

Unlike some Christian and Gospel artists, who (in my opinion) feel the need to beat their message in with a bit of overbearing, Tim Malchak wraps his message within well-crafted lyrics. Tim's wife, Leslie, co-wrote four of the songs on the CD.

Tim has found the perfect accompaniments in Eric Horner (Acoustic guitars, Bango, Bass, Mandolin and Shaker, Tambourine, as well as background vocals on 'Lay It Down')  Larry Franklin (violin), Mike Johnson (Ped-a-bro, Dobro), Jeff Taylor (Accordian, Pennywhistle, Piano), Jim Pace (Percussion)

Along with the players on this album, Tim is quick to thank and dedicate this work to Band of Brothers - his men's bible study group in Savannah GA, acknowleding that nothing in this world is done alone.

While I don't often review Christian music, when Tim said he wanted to drop a copy in the mail to me, I was anxious to hear this. Next to catching one of his presentations live, this was the best way to reconnect with music from a man I've admired literally for decades. I feel blessed to have this CD in my collection and I know you will, too.

I'm tipping my hat:

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Here's a video with a bit more information on the transformation of Tim Malchak. When this whole 'shelter in place' is behind us, bring him to your church. You will be uplifted!

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