Monday, October 12, 2020

OUT OF THE CHUTE - Mac Davis Remembered



One of the most talented songwriters of all time left us on September 29th due to complications following a recent heart surgery. 

As a writer who focuses on Texas artists, I'd been thinking of Mac in recent weeks, wondering what he was up to, or even still with us. I decided once Bob went back to work and I got this baby shower behind me, I would do some research. Two days later I saw the tweet from Dolly Parton that he was gone. 

For a guy who sang a song called It's Hard to Be Humble, Mac was just the opposite. he wass a good ole boy from Lubbock Texas lucky enough to have spent more than fifty years doing something he loved.

His career began in the 1960's when Elvis recorded several of Mac's songs. He continued into the 1970s, writing Something's Burning for Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. While Gallery recorded I Believe In Music, the tune became Mac's signature closing song for his own shows. One of my favorites he wrote was Watching Scotty Grow, a big hit for Bobby Goldsboro (1971)

While he continued to write great hits (his  most recent recordings in 2014), Mac Davis also had his share of on-screen time with his own television show for two years and in North Dallas Forty (as a quarterback), with Nick Nolte. He was also a favorite musical guest on The Tonight Show.

Tomorrow, I'll drop in a video of one of my favorite Mac Davis tunes. Please share in the comments below what your favorite is. 

Country Blessings
~ Kelly


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