Tuesday, March 8, 2022

TURNTABLE TUESDAY - I Can Face the Truth


Good morning, friends!

Today, I have a real treat. The new album, I CAN FACE THE TRUTH, by Dana Cooper is all kinds of traditional country comfort. Dana wrote eleven of the tracks, co wrote one with Robert Weingartz and covered one of my favorite Hank Williams tunes. Let's check these out!

My first impression is that while an undercurrent of traditional country flows throughout the album, the definitive folk style shines through like sun sparkling off the water; just takes your breath away.

Overall,  I Can Face the Truth is a documentation of sorts of the experiences and life lessons on his musical journey. Always Old Friends speaks of the connections we have, whether they be with people, places or experiences along the way. They become a part of us - like old friends. 

I Can Face the Truth is one of two tracks on this album that I feel would be a perfect fit for the  Walker, Texas Ranger reboot starring Jared Padalecki. Along with Laughing and Crying, the two songs mimick the the Walker's  recovery from loss that his character has faced from the very beginning, while trying to move forward . Everywhere he turns, Walker can't seem to catch a break, always haunted by his past. 

Not far behind those two would be track number six. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry is the epitome of what it means to take a song and make it your own. While there's still a hint of the anquish Hank Williams poured into one of his most memorable hits, Dana Cooper has opened up the wound, letting us feel the misery some of us may have felt during the pandemic.  

While the album is somewhat of a documentation, there's a larger aspect to this album. I CAN FACE THE TRUTH is a shining example of the possibilities within the industry, today. With the virtual opportunities to work togther, the possibilities for creating something magical are endless.  Dana shares his thoughts on this...

"In all my years of recording, I've never felt more free or creative in the studio."

I think a lot of that has to do with the opportunites to work virtually, brought on by the pandemic. While a good portion of this album was put together prior to that event, the aftermath brought in new additions from different parts of Colorado as well as Ireland. 

I CAN FACE THE TRUTH is the result of what can be created when you believe in something, and yourself, enough to push through any roadblocks. When you do that, magic is always the result!

Here's another track from the album:

I'm tipping my hat ....

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